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21 Blackjack

Blackjack - the most popular card game world, which was created in France for three hundred years ago. People who have never played it, it may seem confusing, but at the first reading of the rules can understand that everything here is very simple. Actually, it is in its simplicity and it is liked by most players. The aim of the game is as follows: The sum of cards winner should be as close as possible to the number 21, and at the same time exceed the amount of the dealer. If it is greater than 21 - the player loses. Blackjack game called "present" in the number of 21 - ace and a ten. If points are equal, this combination always weighs more than the other variations of twenty-one points.

It should tell you about the notation cards in the deck blackjack. Maps depicting the any picture are always ten points, and cards with numbers from 2 to 10 equal to the number supported on them. Aces can be equal to one or eleven points (one - that if an ace falls, when up to 21 points is not enough units). A set of cards that do not contain or contain ace ace is considered "hard" set.

Blackjack need six decks of cards, and the rules it follows. Each player gets the two cards turned face up and the dealer gets one face up and one down it is. Players evaluate their questions and may request any number of cards in addition. Blackjack received two cards, the player wins a sum and a half times greater than the rate, unless the dealer also has blackjack has not dropped. In this case, the game is declared a draw. If a player has a blackjack and the dealer's up card - an ace, the player can agree to a draw, and can take a chance and win. In any case, with blackjack he loses nothing.

As can be seen, the rules of this popular card game easy to impossible. There are a couple of additional complexities, but they apply only to the dealer. Once all players have completed their turn, the dealer reveals his hidden card and assesses the situation. If he has 16 points or less, it must draw cards until the very long until he gets 17 or more. If he gets this over twenty-one points, he loses and pays all the players who stayed in the game, do not get more than 21.