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Bones - an ancient game. To play you need only bones (dice), which gives you the opportunity to play in different places. Types of dice and a few already have rules determine how much should be bones for a particular game. Bone correct markup is when the value of the opposite faces of a total of 7, ie 6 top - bottom 1, 5, respectively, 2 and 4 - 3. But what kind of bones we see and know was not one knows the history of bone and with 4 faces and 8, and they were made ​​from different materials, starting of course with the bones of animals, namely the joints (from here and gone name of the game), and the last precious metals.

The essence of the game is reduced to the ejection of one of the play dice with the further scoring. And after counting a winner is determined. Number of shots is determined by specific rules, as well as scoring. history of ancient civilizations such as China, India, Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome has traces of the dice. And the results are evaluated not as games for good luck or good fortune, as well as the will or desire of the Gods. Mentioned bones in many historical writings in the Bible, the "Iliad", "Odyssey", "Mahabharata", a collection of Vedic hymns "Rig Veda" and others. In Europe dice came through Rome every patrician diced, as well as the Roman Empire occupied a large part of the European continent, the game is fast gaining a space. Archaeological research in various parts of the globe prove dice played everywhere and pastures, in the taverns, homes, vacation before the next battle.

There is evidence that not only played money, goods, but have had cases where the ancient Germans losing freedom, obediently went into slavery. especially popular in the Middle Ages bones received. Certainly tried to ban the game, since the bones were used not only for games, but also as tools for divination, the Church was the first opponent, but no bans or severe punishments could not win people's willingness to surrender this beloved joy. religion in Russia's efforts to give their and the result is still lower strata sin and continue to popularize the game. But in central Europe and the popularity of the game is among the nobility.

During the Middle Ages continued persecution of the game and leave various edicts forbidding, but realizing that deal with the problem is not possible in subsequent years were punished for cheating, for the production and distribution of "wrong" with the bones displaced center of gravity. Schuler used the same bone with irregular markings, magnetic properties of materials used. Known history of mercury and bone. Age of Enlightenment has given mankind a lot of other hobbies, such as music literature, painting and dice lost its leading position, but as we can see is still quite interesting pastime.