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Payout ratio - this is one of the key points that guide when choosing an online casino and specific game. Typically, a virtual institution announces average payout percentage as in all games in general, and individual game. Guided by these figures, each player can choose the most reliable and generous casino and within it to determine with the game that has a good chance of winning. Experienced players, looking for a new game, certainly compares interest payments on different games. They know that the high rate of payments shows a good chance of winning. Specificity of online casinos is that the payouts are much higher when compared to any real gambling house. The reason for this is quite simple: a virtual casino their content is much cheaper.

Newcomers will be useful to know what is hidden under the mysterious concept of "interest payments". They represent the average amount of money that a particular online casino returns to his players from the winners in the form of a prize in a certain period of time. Say slot having a payout percentage, equal to 98%, for a certain period of return you $ 98 of $ 100 set as a prize. This does not mean that you will get this amount at the same time. The fact that the percentage is calculated on the basis of statistics on the outcomes of a large sample of games. In other words, these numbers are averaged.

In most of the online casinos are periodically audited any particular games or institution as a whole by attracting independent organizations. In this way, the overall payout percentage is calculated, as well as the exact figures for each game individually. Moreover, these data are cross-checked from time to time and updated. We recommend that you sidestep those casinos that ignore audit - trust them not worth it. Therefore, before choosing an online casino to play, get the appropriate information in the help section.

Each player can make calculations and self interest payments. This is possible thanks to the automatic game, which is free to all comers. This opportunity to have many online casinos. For this purpose it is necessary to determine the size and rate enable automatic game with the maximum number of spins. And then, if you know the initial and final value of the bank, the number of spins and the size of the bet, it will be simple to calculate the payout percentage. At the same time, the results are inaccurate. And because a few thousand spins is not enough for such studies. In this regard, the practice rather useful to learn the selected machine, and not for the purpose of selecting the best of them for payment.

If you find it hard to choose, because like many games, guided directly on the indicator percent payments. However, the game is sure to be fun. However, the main goal of the player is still a victory and a cash prize. A win in the game with a high percentage of payments much easier. Decent casinos do not keep these numbers secret. They, on the contrary, expose them in public.