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Free Welcome Bonus On First Deposit

Why do millions of people play online casino? Maybe because it is convenient for them to play at home, in your robe and slippers? It is a strong argument! But I am more than confident that the bulk of the people had been hired by their online casino bonuses. What kind of bonuses (bonuses)? If set out briefly, it "gratuitous" money provided by the online casino that you played in it. If a player is lucky, he has enough experience, it is a good tool to improve their welfare.

Among the large variety of bonuses ( no deposit , on your first deposit : fixed interest and bonuses repeated deposits to attract friends, for special types of deposits), any one of them you will not be so easy. In order to subsequently withdraw their money from the casino account, you will need to fulfill certain conditions associated with getting the bonus. After all, online casinos are not just giving money to the player, it wants this player has been the most active and casino makes a profit. Therefore, to avoid problems, carefully read the bonus terms and if you can not find yourself, please contact our support!

Typical conditions require the player to wager a certain amount. Only in this case, the player can take the winnings from the casino. Sum rates, which must be called to put wager (wager). It is determined by the size of the bonus, deposit, or both of them in total. Suppose, to get a win in Intercasino , the player must wager, the amount of which will be 50 times the size of the outstanding player bonus (this is usually denoted as follows: 50 * b, where b - it received a bonus player, can also still be d - size of the deposit ). We can assume that the ratio should be considered acceptable to 50, good - up to 30 and great - to 20. However, apart from this condition, some casino wagering, pushing more and more demands. So, some of them do not consider a wager bets on roulette, baccarat and craps. That's because these games you can bet with virtually no risk of losing their money. Nowadays, more and more casinos refused players wagering on blackjack and video poker, but if the player has the chance, demanding wagering. There is one condition: the size limit of winning, a player can get playing the bonus money.

Among other information, under the player can read the rules of the bonus. Usually the online casino bonus is calculated automatically when you make a deposit (sometimes it is necessary to put a tick in agreement with further give bonuses), and no deposit bonus the player will see in your account for up to a couple days. Some casinos to get the bonus the player must either send e-mail request, or to fill a special form, or else to drive under the bank secret bonus code that is available to the player at registration. Remember, if you do not wish to receive bonuses from online casinos, and they are awarded automatically - it is imperative to contact support before you make your first deposit. When you're playing, the bonus is not subject to cancellation!