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How To Play Blackjack

A man in a black short coat walked into the casino "Black Cat". The phone rang. He has thrown the call without answering, and then completely unplugged the phone. After a visit to the cashier, he sat at the table with Blackjack. The game was at the rate of $ 1 to $ 10 per hand. Familiar? Unfortunately it's all in the past. Now, instead of the cashier we go to the bank. We make monetary credit card Visa Classic with the ability to buy goods over the Internet. Then go to the site Poker, and already there sit at a virtual table with rates ranging from $ 0.1 to $ 100 per hand. Green and gold interior pleases the eye. Noticed the difference in the rates? Huge number of customers in the online casino allows lower minimum rate to the limit. At the same time you can play for high stakes. Would desire.

The game begins. Making a bet of $ 20. The dealer a jack in the open. We passed it two jacks. Not greedy, well done. And right questions begin. Splitovat or not? If you do split, the bet is doubled and we will have two hands instead of one. We can, how to win 2 times more, and lose. Is it worth it? Close our eyes. Ask ourselves - "Split?". Experience says - "Yes." Intuition is silent, but the silence of assent. Click «Split». Hand forks. By one hand, an ace. We have Blackjack. One is. On the second hand is dealt three. Total 13. The game is played the deck of the 53 cards. Catch 8 or less are very high. 5 worms. Total 18 on the table. Perhaps that's enough. Should not get involved. Lost. Dealer pulled 21. Click «rebet», a new hand is dealt. The game is so addictive that you can spend the whole night at the table.

Why you should play it on Poker? Also blackjack and poker here you will find several types of roulette, slots and baccarat (the game James Bond of Ian Fleming's novel "Casino Royale"). Poker site is a network iPoker2, has a reputation that speaks that you always get your winnings. It is an axiom and not even discussed. This company rule. Online game iPoker2 controlled Kahnawake Gambling Commission, Commission for Supervision of gambling on the Internet.