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Given here poker tips - the result of a large experience of playing your predecessors. Your choice of whether to follow the advice of poker or not, but the money you will have more, if you follow the advice.

In the first stage, we recommend playing is strictly on strategy. But this does not mean you have to turn off the head and mechanically push the buttons.

Tip 1. Observe the opponents take notes and write. Impossible to overestimate the importance of this for a successful game. Especially while you are playing without special programs showing statistics opponents will take notes major reference for decision- making in complex situations.

Tip 2. Observe spectra of hands that play opponents and how they play these hands. Over time, you should learn enough to pinpoint what can play, and not get hung up on specific combinations, you just have to play against the spectrum set of hands that he may have.

Eventually you will be able to change his game under specific opponents. For example, noting that some player has raised half of his hands, you can guess that you can not throw out after this raise some combinations that should not play a raise unknown assailant. Or, conversely, if a person relies only on AA and KK, you will not answer him with JJ or AK.

Tip 3. Your goal - not to deal with anyone foreheads, except when a monster. Therefore, without doubt even with quite strong hands like AQ after raises rivals. When statistics program, you will be able to more individually his game under specific opponents. No statistics are indispensable take notes that it is necessary to write, fixing all the features of opponents (however, even with the statistics, take notes to write required).

Tip 4. Fewer bluff. If you're not going to bluff, you will win much more than if you do it too often (especially against unsuitable opponents, which on most micros). Actually, in the latter case, you'll just lose.