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Online Roulette

French Roulette The game of roulette has been around for more than 4 centuries, but it deserved French Roulette is considered the ancestor of all other types of roulette. As in other roulette, game principle in French Roulette is no different heavy regulations. The mechanism of the game is extremely simple. Players bet on one or more numeric fields, sectors with numbers, as well as red or black color.

There is also an opportunity to put on even or odd numbers. In any case, if the rate of plays, the winner receives a prize corresponding risk factor. Because of the numbers on the roulette wheel exactly 36, will be a significant increase, guess only one player of the 36 numbers, or the field is zero. It is colored green and the magnification on it highest.

Not surprising then that the casino, French Roulette is popular not less than the other varieties of roulette. With all of this, all the symbols in it are written exclusively in French, which may complicate the procedure chapeau for players just starting the game in this type of roulette.

Sure, enjoy the process of playing the French roulette free, perhaps one of the many online casinos. In them, as it should be, there is a practice mode, where the French playing online roulette players do not spend the money and get acquainted with the rules of roulette is not to the detriment of your purses.