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The most common in the world of intelligent card game - is poker. How to learn to play it? Namely, how to learn to play properly, but still win? This issue, we have dedicated this article. Say that poker is now fashionable and popular means to say very little. Poker is played by thousands of people throughout the world, in all parts of the world, the popularity of the game grows with extraordinary speed.

Weight of different tournaments, championships, professionals, beginners who only seek to learn how to play poker, masters, skilled players, that's all - the current world of poker. Rules of "dimensions" such that wins skillful. History of Poker begins with immemorial. In an extreme case, half a century ago in Italy, France and Spain have been the game that are similar in their principles to poker. However, while a deck of 20 cards was.

In America, these games have brought the colonists. By the early nineteenth century, their coexistence becomes popular game deck meanwhile increased to 52 cards, and eventually gets its present form. In online poker, the game is played without the dealer, not in the usual poker club. It is this kind of poker has gained worldwide popularity and fame. In the era of internet poker has become a lure millions of people, and many of them tend to not just learn how to play for yourself, and to make a living this game.

On what kind of poker stay? How to learn to play faster? First you need to review all options to learn the rules of Texas Hold'em poker , before you make any choice. But what to do to someone who wants to learn the game of poker, only discovered this game and still could not choose. Why would he start?