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Roulette Variety of gambling have no borders. A combination of luck and confidence has long been the key to success in even the most unimaginable forms of gambling. Russian roulette - a gamble with death. Under the "fatal" means nothing but death loser. Roulette in the casino has nothing to do with this type of roulette, in addition to roulette mechanism built into the drum of a revolver. The rules of Russian roulette extraordinarily simple. Playing a game of "Russian Roulette", charged on stage 1, 2 and 3 of the drum cartridge revolver, twist it, and put it to his temple, in turn pushing the trigger. Parallel to this, players make bets, and the one who first "funk", plays and gives a prize to the winner. USSR countries and the criminal world 90 - was inherent resolve issues through Russian roulette game is not for the faint of heart.

In the world today there is little room for a game of this kind of free roulette. Nobody wants to risk their lives for the sake of a quick profit. However, people are very willing to prefer other types of roulette games. Especially popular is the online roulette, ie different types of roulette games online. Not an exception and play Russian roulette online. There are many sites where users can put real money on the fact whether the gun will shoot them in the head a virtual player. Also, you can easily do without spending real money. As with many other types of web roulette, in the vastness of the Internet is full of online - casino with the possibility of playing roulette for free, to get acquainted with the rules.

For other types of online roulette, you can list these species as European Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette with the track, No-Zero Roulette, Roulette with tips, La Boule, Card Roulette, roulette and other literal. Of the names mentioned roulette logical conclusions can be made to the account of the rules of the game in one or the other roulette. Stop standing on is not fully clear title. European Roulette is considered to be the main and most popular online roulette as well as in real casinos around the world. All kinds of roulette further compares it with the European roulette, which is the oldest and the original tape. In American roulette, for example, instead of a single cell of Zero point two, which increases the chances of players to get the most significant increase has played at zero rates. Variety roulette La Boule, different rotation mechanism of the game ball and socket into which this ball lands. Card roulette, instead of numbers on the board has maps located on seniority. What is particularly interesting, even playing you have a high card, you only get a prize in accordance with the rules of roulette and not poker.