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Each player, making the first bet on the roulette, expects to win. Do you know what the game of roulette, how to beat the casino, if not all, then at least one gaming table.

Roulette - a vivid symbol of all gambling. Many successful people love to spend time at the table, tickling his nerves "pen excitement." To do this, all the conditions.

roulette game how to beat to date, there are three main types of roulette - American, European and French. Whatever roulette you do not "cool", remember that the casino has an advantage in the odds of winning (for European version - 2.63 percent for "American women" - 5.26 percent). Threshold, in fact, is not significant and is easily displaced by means of the system of the game.

The system allows the game to capitalize on the theory of probability and "fork" in the bid amount. There are several famous game systems: Martingale system, Parlay system, d'Alembert system (pyramid) system Deletion (Cancellation), the system "10 numbers" system "bonus" system Whittaker (Whittacker), system "grand square" system Oscar grind system Sekurenta and many of the combined systems.

All of these, as already mentioned, are based on probability theory and are approximately the same efficiency. First of all, gambling must be clearly identified to limit yourself losing, and not violate the ban. Those who ignore this rule, and will certainly lose the curse "Wheel of Fortune" last words. Just do not be amiss to define the boundaries of winning. In people, it is called "time to stop."

If all the rules are observed, and a positive attitude, roulette give you many exciting moments and the sweet taste of victory. Here, briefly, is that the game of roulette, how to beat it - decide. In any case, coming up from the table, you should not feel frustrated and feeling pleasantly spent time.