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Games Association of the United States gave the following data obtained in a Las Vegas casino : most casino visitors play slot machines ( slots ). Card games ( blackjack , poker , etc.) took second place. But in roulette play only 5% of the visitors! Even more people playing dice (7%). Meanwhile, it is a symbol of roulette casino gambling and gambling.

Roulette game at online casinos: There are several types of roulette , the main of which: European and American . American Roulette differs from the European in that it has not only zero (zero), but additionally double zero. American Roulette is rare, and even then only in the Americas. European Roulette is much more popular.

Poker virtual casino: The popularity of poker is high and growing every day due to online poker rooms. Poker is deservedly considered an intellectual game. There are many varieties of poker. Fashion for a particular kind of change. 20 years ago in the United States was the most popular stud. Today, the overwhelming number of players playing Texas Hold'em . Experts predict that in the near future will be given to Omaha , which in some parts of the world play since time immemorial, or a combination of types of poker.

Blackjack Online Casino: Game of blackjack occurs on tables with a special marking. To play simultaneously used six 52-card decks. Wagering. The dealer deals two cards to the player, two currently. One card of the dealer is open, the other closed. Challenge the player to score the maximum number of points, but not more than 21. Each picture - 10 points. Ace can be measured either 11 points, or 1 - to choose from. Other cards at face value.