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In such popular games like roulette, there are plenty of strategies. Each player invents his own version, starting from the basic strategies, as universally accepted principles of the game gives you the opportunity to better navigate the game process, thereby increasing the chances of winning. The player chooses a fixed rate and continues to do the same rates. At the same time, with each winning bid amount is added to the selected value, and in case of loss - is subtracted. There are some conditions that enable to use this strategy: it is necessary to reserve a time, based on a specified period. Also necessary to have a large enough amount that is required to exceed a fixed amount of three thousand times.

The strategy is as follows: when losing the first bet should stay and wait. If you should lose again, reduce costs flat rate per quantity. That is, minus one bet on red means one bet on black. In case of loss to zero, there are two options: the rate above zero - increase, the rate below zero - lower. This strategy refers to a rather aggressive species. When you bet on a particular number, the gain is defined as 35 to one. Thus, the player bet on the same number, repeating bid before to win, but only 36 times. 3 optional outcome of the game: The winning amount is directly proportional to how early 36th stakes winning number. The earlier - the biggest gainers.

Number comes up only on the 36th time, will "yield to zero." Phone will not drop any one time. The strategy of the game of roulette is considered quite successful, due to the relatively high probability played bet. Other strategies for playing roulette. To increase your chances, you need to make some observations. You will need to make 111 runs. According to the results, bets are placed on the number, drop more than 3 times.

Bets are settled on a dozen, also to the column. If you win the payout is in the ratio of two to one. Each time the game is broke. Need to put as much as won. Thus, the gain can be increased quite rapidly and bring a good income, but also highly affordable can strike possible loss. Strategy deleting

Thus, after two wins and one loss will strike-unit, two, nine and ten. Lower eight stacks with 11 turns 19. So, 22 is the new rate (the top number in the triple sum with 19). The game can continue to deleting all the numbers, that is in any case possible winnings. The peculiarity of this system - you need to have a lot of money to place bets. Key strategies of the roulette game look exactly. However, each player is inclined to invent his own version, modifying existing strategies. One hundred percent guarantee of winning does not give any one of the strategies, therefore, should not blindly rely on invented scheme. The best option would be a combination of experience playing roulette and a clear knowledge of one of the strategies.